About us

Hoop Dreams was born from a group of friends - five basic like a perfect quintet that took to the field and then became twenty or so - spread all over the country, sports fans in general and basketball fans in particular.

Most of the boys and girls who have created and support the Hoop Dreams project (almost all EX-boys and EX-girls, but sport keeps you young!) have also played basketball, some in the "minors" championships, others also in Serie A and the national team.

It's a group of friends who see, hear, write, report facts and events and evaluate with a competent and affectionate eye (someone also involved by filial loves) the quality of the young players of the under categories and, sometimes, still wear shoes, tighten laces, mark and attack the basket for games that have lost nothing of the old competition.

Hoop Dreams is not tied to any team, it has no economic interests linked to the management of players, it has no employees of sports clubs, even though sometimes they can be seen wandering around the fields and gyms in Italy and elsewhere.

The thoughts of this group of "diehard" basketball lovers therefore go to young Italian talents and the future of the "Hoop Dreamers": boys and girls who would like to turn the game of basketball into an opportunity for personal and group growth, for harmonious growth in a necessary balance of personal maturity, school competence and sporting success. And maybe, one day, play like professionals!


We created Hoop Dreams because we believe that we can - indeed, we must - try to steer the kids in the right direction and the right balance between school and sport, but above all we must work so that these young athletes do not lose the ability to dream.

Sport seems to point the way forward where the commitment of athletes must be focused 90% (perhaps 100% in some cases) on technical and athletic preparation, and indicates this as their path to success, often leaving aside the cultural growth linked to study.

The school system, for its part, seems to discourage the practice of competitive sports, which is seen as a disturbance to the study. Future success in sports is considered too random to consider sport as a possibility of success in the professional field.

We decided to work from our group of friends for this project dedicated to "Hoop Dreamers", providing economic resources, skills, sports training and study tools, also activating ourselves to involve additional partners and sponsors of the project, which already from the start provides the opportunity for young people to participate in training campuses in Italy and abroad, to access privileged channels of training and study, as well as deepening the English language.

Our goal is to provide deserving boys and girls with the best tools to develop their talent in their - and our - favorite sport: basketball, in harmony with personal growth and the achievement of high quality study goals, even until graduation.

Hoop Dreams 2023

Marina Zanetti
Costanza Paulissich
Elena Nicolodi
Aurora Donato
Chiara Betti
Gabriele Turconi
Gianluca Scardaci
Giacomo Sabadin
Claudi Pisani
Francesco Leprini
Lorenzo Bregant

Hoop Dreams 2022

Lamperi Nicholas
Martucci Emanuele
Pinelli Gianmarco
Porzio Diego
Ravaioli Emanuele
Termini Tommaso
Brandimarte Beatrice
Cere Beatrice
Mancini Giulia
Mutterle Martine
Sahin Lara
Zuccon Emma

Hoop Dreams 2021

Benedetta Aghilarre
Paola Collovati
Nicole Longhi
Lavinia Lucantoni
Francesca Toffolo
Lucrezia Belluzzo
Alice Cappellotto
Martina Fantini
Giorgia Palmieri
Matteo Antonelli
Mattia Barzon
Lorenzo Caporossi
Matteo Di Rienzo
Matteo Virgili
Andrea Baldini
Elia Gobbo

Hoop Dreams 2020

Vittoria Blasigh
Anita Carraro
Anna Fontana
Giorgio Franceschi
Michele Munari
Massimiliano Obljubech
Alberto Pellizzari
Matilde Pini
Matteo Porto
Marco Ramponi
Francesco Siepi
Sara Zanetti


Basic criteria to be selected in Hoop Dreamers:

Passion and dedication for the game of basketball

Above-average school results.

Fair play: correct behavior on and off the field. Education, respect and empathy are core values for Hoop Dreams.

Good relationship with coaches and teachers, with those who work to enhance the talents and skills of Hoop Dreamers in their daily path of development of sports talent and harmonious cultural and personal growth.

Height is a detail: Hoop Dreams does NOT set height as a fundamental criterion for the selection of Hoop Dreamers.



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