Become a Hoop Dreamer

Selection criteria

Hoop Dreams selects athletes based on the free decisions of the founding group, through checks and visions of potential candidates in league games, tournaments or training. Reports from coaches and sports clubs but also from parents, relatives, friends and teammates are useful and welcome. Teachers and professors of athletes can report deserving students (as long as they practice the sport of basketball); will be requested the school profits of the candidates in the formats provided by the evaluations of the institutions to which they belong.


Reports can be made by email to by sending photos, videos, video highlights, scouts of matches and championships (accompanied by report and/or video or confirmation of truthfulness by coaches or athletes); all contributions are watched and evaluated in support of the candidacy and, subsequently, published on the site and / or social channels of Hoop Dreams.

For 2019 Hoop Dreams has already identified many potential Hoop Dreamers class 2005 for men's league players and 2004 for women's league players. They are listed in the area of the site called Hoop Dreamers not in order of merit, but in alphabetical order. Contributions and reports contribute to the periodic updating of the list. On May 1, 2020 the final list of the 5 Hoop Dreamers who will have access to the programs dedicated to them will be drawn up. The choice will be freely decided by the founding group.

Wild Card

Will be made available, at the total discretion of the founding group, up to a maximum of a further 5 wild cards in case of a high presence of deserving athletes.


The 5 chosen (plus any wild cards) will have free access to the Campus dedicated to their training, will be included in the program of control and analysis of physical parameters, will have high-level technical sports support, will be supported for their optimal physical development by dieticians and nutrition experts, sports trainers, masseurs, physiotherapists and professionals in general, with the aim of developing a harmonious and functional growth to the physical characteristics and technical objectives peculiar to each athlete. As far as school training is concerned, they will have access - at the same time as the Campus - to courses to strengthen the English language, with particular attention to basketball terminology. They will also have access to scholarships and the possibility of being included in school training programs combined with high-level sports practice, until the acquisition of a high school diploma, with the possibility of continuing the path of study/sport excellence, with dedicated university training programs until graduation, with the extension of the status of "Hoop Dreamer" up to 25 years of age.

Campuses in Italy and USA

For the first selected - class 2005 - in addition to any wild cards, there will be free participation in the IBC - International Basketball Campus, a high level sports training campus to be held in July 2020 at the Institutes Filippin of Paderno del Grappa (TV), the prestigious headquarters of La Salle training centers in northern Italy, followed, again in July, the participation of Hoop Dreamers at the Hoop Dreams+ internship to be held at Saint Mary's University of Winona, Minnesota, United States.

For sports clubs and coaches who will support the Hoop Dreams project, it is planned to provide technical sports equipment in case of selection of their athlete. A coach, chosen by the founding group, will accompany the ideal quintet (and any wild cards) on their trip to the USA at Saint Mary's University. For the teachers of the institutes frequented by the Hoop Dreamers who will have reported their deserving students, there will be supplies of technical material for the study and the school; there is also the possibility for a teacher to participate in the experience of Hoop Dreams+ in the USA, at Saint Mary's University in Winona.


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